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Federal Government

Role of the Citizens

Branches of the Federal Government
Checks and Balances
27 Amendments
Federal Government
Role of the Citizens
Creating Laws
Governmental Powers
The 7 Articles

The rights of the citizens go into three main groups:
1) The right to be protected from unfair actions for the
2) To have equal treatment under the law
3) To have basic freedoms
in the fourth amendment of th constitution it states that the Constitution will offer protection from unreasonable searches and seizures. in the Constitution and bill of rights it also states that they will protect the citizens from abuse and unfair treatment by the government and law. In the fifth amendment of the Constitution, it says that no citizen will "be deprived of life, liberty, or property without the process of law." Which means the government must follow procedures created by the law and guaranteed
by the Constitution. The five basic freedoms that are mentioned in the first amendment of the Constitution are:
R-freedom of religion
A-freedom of assembly
P-freedom of the press
P-right to petition
S-freedom of speech
The rights however of the citizens ARE limited. In some cases the government applies the principle of limiting and individuals rights to protect the rights of others and the community's health and safety. Most citizens accept the fact that there are some limitations on their rights to gain these protectionsas long as the restrictions are reasonable and apply equally to everyone. One of the duties of all citizens is for them to obey the laws. laws serve for 3 important reasons:
1) Help maintain order
2) They protect health, safety and propety of citizens
3) They make it possible for people to live together

If you dont follow the laws then you would be endangering the lives of othersand interfere with smooth functioning of society. If the citizens feel that they disagree with a law then they can try to come up with a bill and go through the process with their representatives. Another duty that the citizens must follow is to pay taxes. When they pay taxes it helps build schools, defend the nation, provide health insurance for the elderly,and also build bridges and roads.

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