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Federal Government

The 7 Articles

Branches of the Federal Government
Checks and Balances
27 Amendments
Federal Government
Role of the Citizens
Creating Laws
Governmental Powers
The 7 Articles

Article 1:
All Legislative Powers granted should be in a Congress of the United States. Which should consist of a Senate and the House of Representatives.

Article 2:
Every two years new members will be chosen for the House of Representatives. If a member isnt at least 25 years old, and havent yet served at least 7 years in the House, then they can't be chosen. Representatives and taxes will be divided up into the states. When any oppurtunity is available for any of the states, the Executive authority will issue the writs of Election to fufill any of those oppurtunities. The House of Representatives will choose their speaker and all the other needed officers and should have the only Power of Impeachment.

Article 3:
The Senate of the United States will be made up of two Senators from all of the states, chosen by the Legislative branch, and each senator is allowed one vote.Right after, they will be brought together in consequence of the first Election. They shall be divided as equally as may be into three classes. Senators of the first Class will be forced to resign at the end of the second year, the second class at the end of the fourth Year, and the third class at the end of the sixth year. you may not be a senator if you arent at least 30 years old and have been a citizen of the united states for at least 9 years. The vice President of the United Stated can also be the president of the Senate.

Article 4:
The times, places and manners of holding the elections for Senators and Representatives, will be arranged in each state by the Legislative Branch, but the Congress at any time by the law can make or change regulations. On the first Moday of December every year, the congress will hold a meeting.